Heroic Photography

Good photography is a vital foundation for creating high-level brand application templates and other visuals for digital media. My cohort in crime is long-time friend and photographer Brian Mahany who brings his “A” game every time out. Willie Watson’s action photos are lights out too. These superstars always deliver winning shots! Enjoy.

Photography Applied

Powerful helmet visuals are a hallmark of Gridiron Labs sports brand designs and they are a result of delivering impeccable photography into the hands of master graphic designer Dane Storrusten. The photos are digitized and custom artwork is applied to create award-winning brand identities. Art Director: Steve Humphries, Photographer: Brian Mahany, Artist: Dane Storrusten.

Generals Schutt Helmet

This fantastic New Jersey Generals helmet design by Dane Storrusten arrived from Schutt and was promptly put into production to become next generation Gridiron Labs helmet design templates.  Art Director: Steve Humphries, Photographer: Brian Mahany.

Nike Style Uniform Shoot

Promotional uniform photography was pioneered by Nike and provides fans with an artistic look at the products they create. For these kinds of shots it’s all about the light and showcasing the uniform designs from different angles.  Hopefully, the results of our first foray into this genre of photography will lead to many more projects in the future. Art Director: Steve Humphries, Photographer: Brian Mahany

Memorabilia Shoot

The Piedmont Football Archive immortalizes the record-setting football career of Gabriel Watson with a photo shoot of his helmet and uniform.  Art Director: Steve Humphries, Photographer: Brian Mahany

Player Photo Shoot

The clash of crisp new uniforms against the backdrop of a gritty warehouse in downtown Oakland, provided fantastic visuals for the Piedmont Football local marketing campaign in 2015. It was a great morning of photography that turned into a goldmine of memorable visuals that helped promote the team in the community.

Click the link below for an in-depth look this unique photography experience.


Behind the Camera

Behind the scenes of our photo shoots, you will find a lot of organization, endless noodling and positioning of our subject matter, checking and re-checking for sharpness of focus, some good natured ribbing and a lot of humor.