Sports Media Design

Steve is always looking for Industrial and Sports related design opportunities such as sporting event posters, game programs or social media content for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

1 Burns Cover

Thomas Burns Collaboration

It was a pleasure working with acclaimed illustrator Thomas Burns on the development of a Fightin’ Highlander game program cover in 2014. The process involved refining a series of thumbnail sketches to capture the perfect pose with either a claymore or shield (see below). An initial digital illustration was rendered and perfected with textures and organic elements until the masterpiece was complete.

Not only is the final product visually fantastic, it is a tribute to Piedmont’s legendary hard-nosed football coach Glen “Brick” Johnson (1930-1949), who got the nickname “Brick” from his red hair and who also wore a kilt on the sidelines during games. Check out Mr. Burns’ wonderful work on his website here.

Baseball Tickets

This was a fun project to take Piedmont’s new branding and apply it to vintage style baseball tickets..

2014 Football Playoffs

During the Highlanders epic undefeated season and playoff run of 2014, it was a big challenge to produce a fresh playoff poster each week as the team kept winning. With only a 4 day turn time, the pressure was on!

Baseball Posters

The 2015 baseball poster collection includes two styles of an Opening Day poster for the Highlanders along with a Schedule Poster that features the by-product of a player photoshoot.

Community Posters

Two versions of the 50th Anniversary Piedmont Bird Calling Contest poster celebrate the ancient sport of bird calling and the sporting talents of student vocal chords. In the middle, the 2015 Piedmont Boosters Highlander Classic Golf Tournament poster, an annual event which raised approximately $35,000 for Piedmont Athletics.